HIGH PRIEST investigates the complicated relationships between sound, light, time, scent, temperature and other stimuli that the human brain processes while hearing. Formed as a performance and sound collective in 2013 by Benjamin Leal and Henry Bell, HIGH PRIEST is a platform that seeks to create a sound devoid of emotional intent, instead dedicated to the investigation of the nature of sound itself through Object-oriented ontology. HIGH PRIEST believes that the best primary access point to sound as an elemental quality is to create and observe relationships between sound waves and the resonant qualities of both crystalline and amorphous solids that are exposed to them through a carrying media such as a liquid or gas, with secondary observable attributes extrapolated and created from these observations. With increasing rigor needing to be applied to both the acoustics and resonance of both the objects and the media through which sound waves travel, HIGH PRIEST is constantly seeking out new environments in which to experiment and new means with which to present its findings in an intuitive and impactful way.